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Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster LCE

Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster »Life Cycle Engineering for Turbomachines«, Berlin/Brandenburg

Turbomachinery producers in the fields of aviation and energy generation are obliged to meet future challenges concerning resource conservation, profitability and aviation safety. Due to the climate change, the energy policy framework requires the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as a higher proportion of renewable energies. The latter calls for more flexible load changes of fossil power plants and therefore of turbomachines. Furthermore, the increasing scarcity of resources concerning materials and fuels constitutes another important challenge. In addition to the reduction of emissions, the aviation programs ACARE 2020 and FLIGHTPATH 2050 demand an increase of profitability regarding the operation of airplanes as well as an improvement in aviation management and safety. In order to meet these challenges, industry and science have united in the Fraunhofer innovation cluster »Life Cycle Engineering for Turbomachines«.

The established concept of »Life Cycle Engineering« (LCE) looks at every life phase of a product in a holistic way: In terms of construction, production, usage as well as reuse and recycling of the primary materials, it is always necessary to include economic, environmental and technical framework conditions. The comprehensive life cycle approach is especially relevant for products with a high investment volume and a long lifespan – as, for example, turbomachines. This approach is able to answer the claim for higher efficiency and lower costs while simultaneously improving of environmental sustainability.

The aim of the new Fraunhofer innovation cluster LCE is therefore to transfer the concept of Life Cycle Engineering to turbomachines: energy- and resource-efficient technologies shall be provided for all life cycles of turbomachines. The cluster is focussed on engines in the aviation industry and gas turbines in the energy generation industry.


»Life Cycle Engineering for Turbomachines«


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